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Series of amendments of the Labour Code have been enacted to regulate the personnel leasing (work through an undertaking which provides temporary employment), the working from home as well as the working from distance using information technologies. Some of the specific conditions for leasing of personnel include: the employer lessor of personnel is allowed to lease to the employer - lessee up to 30% of lessor`s total number of employees. The labour contracts shall be concluded for a temporary period of time respectively – until the completion of a certain task or in cases of substitution of an employee absent from work – until his/her return.
The leasing of personnel shall not be admissible: i) for the first and second category of work; ii) in undertakings related to the national security and defense; iii) in undertakings on strike.
The law prohibits the stipulation into the lease contract of any limitations for the employer lessee and the leased employee to enter into labour relationship - both during the effect of the lease contract and after the end of the leasing period.
The undertaking which provides the temporary employment shall not be entitled to require a payment of a fee by the leased employee for the collaboration for finding a job into the lessee undertaking.