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The patent office is with new structural regulations which replace the structural regulations enter into force in the beginning of the year. The new structure of the Patent office provides an establishing of four directorates general administration and three directorates specialized administration. Along with specifying the powers of the Patent office under the law on Patents and Utility Model Registrations are developed procedural rules for processing proposals and claims. They might be submitted by phone, but will not initiate proceedings if they are anonymous or related of violations committed in more than two years ago. The proposals and claims shall be registered in the special register as noting the type in which they are lodged.

After their considerations by the commission the decisions shall be enacted by the Chairman of Patent office within the terms under art. 118, para 1 and 2 of Administrative Procedure Code. When the proposal is accepted, in the decision shall be determined the way and the terms for its exercise. The decisions with the denial must be motivated. The claims for abuse with power, corruption, bad management of public property or any other illegal inexpedient actions or omissions of the officials that infringe on state or public interests, rights and lawful interests of other persons, shall be submitted directly to the Chairman of Patent Office, which will assign their consideration of a permanent specialized commission appointed by his order.

Extraordinary measures against losses from Ukrainian crisis

Ministry of Agriculture and Food issued Ordinance №6 for the conditions and the order for application of provisional emergency measures to support the market in the vegetables and fruits sector aimed at providing support to producers who have suffered from the embargo on imports of certain products from the European Union to the Russian Federation. Emergency measures shall be in force until November 30, 2014 and will cover two main areas. One shall be withdrawn from the market, the other – non-harvesting of the vegetables and fruits.
From the state support shall benefit only producers registered until 17 August 2014 under Ordinance № 3 of 1999 for establishing and maintaining register of the agricultural producers. The applications shall be submitted in municipal agricultural offices, as shall be indicate the measure or the measures which shall be applied, the type of the vegetables and/ or the fruits, the identification and the size of the areas, the amount of the withdrawn form the market goods. The producers might enclosed the measures after receiving of an approval notice from the European Commission by submitting a request in the corresponding regional directorate of State fund agriculture.