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Alliance of freelance professionals, tempted to constantly develop and improve within the juridical world of contemporary Bulgaria.


Areas of Activity

Corporate Law

Corporate and Commercial

We guide our clients in choosing the most appropriate juridical form for their business and advise them on the mode of management and representation, the limits of the powers of the respective corporate management bodies, and the capital and financing of the company`s activities.

Banking and Financial

Our practice in the area of finances and bank law is based on a broad experience acquired through working with banks, financial institutions, corporate clients and physical persons on a local and international level.
real estate

Real Estate

The specifics of the market of real estates, as well as the exceptional interest, shown by local and foreign clients for the several years, has led to the creation of a wide firm profile for real estate transactions including the preliminary legal analysis.

Intellectual Property

The protection of the intellectual property rights of our clients represents a specific accent in our team’s work for the foreign investors exploring the opportunities of the Bulgarian market.
IT and Telecommunication

Information and Telecommunication Technologies

Our practice in this area is developing with significant dynamics, we represent our clients – potential candidates – throughout procedures for granting transmittal frequencies and obtaining license for telecommunications.
Employment law

Labour, Employment and Social security

We have acquired significant experience consulting our clients with regard to their individual labor relationships, drafting multilateral and separate labor contracts, and management contracts, and elaborating internal regulations for labor and labor discipline.


We advise our clients with respect to the tax planning of the company, avoidance of double taxation, corporate and individual taxation,VAT registrations, tax issues related to company re-organizations.

Privatization and Foreign Investments

Our team includes experts with long-term experience in consulting privatization transactions. They will lead you in a competent and active manner through the various stages of the privatization procedure.
Administrative law

Administrative Law and Procedure

We represent our clients before the administrative authorities with regard to the issuance of various permits and licenses required to start and manage business in Bulgaria.

Litigation and Arbitration

We prefer the prevention, not the court dispute, therefore we aim at contributing to finding out-of-court solutions of the disputes our clients are parties to – via negotiations, voluntary performance of contractual duties, agreements, alternative dispute resolution etc.

Insolvency and Liquidation

Our team provides consultations and juridical support in cases, related to commercial insolvency. We have also gained valuable experience in companies’ liquidation providing legal advice and representing our clients before the National Social Security Institute.


Competition is usually described as a process of rivalry between firms seeking to win customers` bussiness over time. The benefits of competition are lower prices, better products, wide choice and greater efficiency.

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